2013 Action Project – Toward Sustained Renewable Energy Policy in Egypt


Christina Fallon, Moataz Hussein, Morgan Williams


To foster the creation of renewable energy infrastructure in Egypt by aligning technology, capital, and policies to create and sustain renewable energy development. The project will bring together policymakers from Egypt, the United States, and Europe to agree on a course of action that will accelerate the adoption of effective international and domestic policies to aid in renewable energy development and packaged energy solutions in Egypt.


As Egypt's population grows, so do the demands on energy suppliers. Energy consumption has increased by 240% since 1990 and is projected to double again by 2022. To maintain and augment the quality of life of its citizens, Egypt will have to at least double energy production by 2025. With a wealth of renewable energy sources from the winds along the Red Sea to the solar capacity in Egypt's expansive deserts-the potential for creating a renewable energy sector is tremendous. In fact, the country has the potential to be a cost-effective supplier of renewable energy for the entire region. Recognizing the economic and environmental benefits of developing this sector, the Egyptian government threw its support behind the creation of renewable energy sources, even setting a target of meeting 20% of Egypt's energy demands via renewable energies by 2020. But deficiencies in policies, technologies, and on-the-ground capacity have prevented any real progress toward implementation. While the government has authorized some private financing of energy facilities, no specific regulatory framework has been created to support the goal or the industry. Further, in the absence of stable, focused policy and law in this area, investors are unlikely to come forward. There is a critical and immediate need for strategic engagement and leadership if Egypt is to meet its goals.

“With a wealth of renewable energy sources—from the winds along the Red Sea to the solar capacity in Egypt's expansive deserts—the potential for creating a renewable energy sector is tremendous.”


This project focuses on hosting two conferences to create the policy and regulatory frameworks necessary to expedite the establishment of a viable Egyptian renewable energy sector.

The first event will be held in the spring of 2014, bringing together roughly 20 operations-level policy and energy experts from Egypt, the US, and Europe. These stakeholders will identify the key ingredients to a sensible renewable energy policy for Egypt, including complimentary international policy measures that would support Egypt's domestic renewable energy industry. The group will openly assess Egypt's proposed renewable energy legislation; consider relevant policy concepts from other regions/countries; and develop a white paper analyzing current Egyptian energy policy and projecting the economic impact of establishing a renewable energy sector.

The second event will provide an opportunity for international experts and leading developers in renewable energy to meet with Egyptian decision-makers and stakeholders, to advance the case for public and private investment and policy support of projects that will encourage the development of this sector. Participants will discuss barriers and strategies to progressive energy policies; economic and environmental benefits of implementing renewable energy programs; development and implementation of public education and outreach programs to support the sector, and the infrastructure necessary to secure domestic and international public- and private-sector investment.