Morgan Williams Profile Photo

Morgan Williams – 2013 Gabr Fellow

I was drawn to the programme from the art collection that features prominently in the fellowship materials which evoked curiosity, intrigue, magic and possibility and I wanted more of this.

I carry my experience as a Gabr Fellow closely. I see foreign policy differently. I see power differently. I see hardship differently. I see success differently. I also carry a reverence for the depth of Egyptian culture and the long-lasting impact that a civilisation can have on the world. America is so young and we have much to learn from others.

26th November 2021

Erika Witt Profile Photo

Erika Witt – 2014 Gabr Fellow

The Gabr Fellowship attracted me for two reasons. First, I couldn’t believe that there was a fellowship that would allow me to go to Egypt, the country of my dreams. I wanted to discuss my ideas about respectfully displaying the ancient Egyptian mummies globally while being able to enrich myself with the history and culture of Egypt. My second attraction to the programme was the opportunity to network with like-minded people from the East and West that were also interested in making a positive global impact in various sectors of society. The Gabr Foundation and the East-West Art of Dialogue initiative allowed me to do just that.

26th November 2021

Leah Moschella Profile Photo

Leah Moschella – 2015 Gabr Fellow

The Gabr Fellowship was instrumental in helping me realise I was already an active leader, not a future leader. What was most impactful for me is the global connections with my fellow Gabr Fellows. Fellows represent a variety of professionals and areas of expertise, and I truly appreciate the network that the Gabr community has introduced to me over the past few years.

26th November 2021

Bryan Griffin Profile Photo

Bryan Griffin – 2017 Gabr Fellow

Thanks to the Gabr Fellowship, I can speak with first-hand knowledge about policy and society in the Middle East. As a specialist in American foreign policy, this has been incredibly important to building both personal knowledge and a capacity for mutual understanding that is necessary to good policymaking. It has also allowed me to maintain a network of real relationships from the fellowship in Egypt who have turned out to be meaningful and lasting friends who regularly provide an important perspective on world affairs.

26th November 2021

Mohammed Mubarak Profile Photo

Mohammed Mubarak – 2013 Gabr Fellow

The programme was an eye-opening experience for me. Through my discussions with other participants, I have come to understand that although we live in different countries and adopt different cultural value and traditions, our hopes, challenges, and aspirations are very similar. Through these discussions I have been able to share my vision of the world and to understand and learn from those who have a different perspective than mine. I learned to identify the similarities we share and appreciate our differences. And most importantly, I made friends for life.

26th November 2021

Nourhan Moussa Profile Photo

Nourhan Moussa – 2014 Gabr Fellow

No one will understand how exceptional and unique the fellowship is unless they are a par of it. The fellowship tends to boost understanding by setting clear expectations and providing a deep vision from all perspectives. Furthermore, when it comes to career paths in general, open up new avenues of thought. But, most importantly, the fellowship with all the details equips the personality in various aspects.

Personally, I have no words to describe the fellowships impact on my life since 2014 which is beyond words, but what I can assume is that this fellowship was and remains to be a turning point on a variety of levels.

26th November 2021

Sarah Badr Profile Photo

Sarah Badr – 2017 Gabr Fellow

The Gabr Foundation was a remarkable experience for me. I got to interact with brilliant people from both Egypt and the US, building bridges of friendship and eternal cultural bonds. I got to see a whole new side to the US beyond the media exported images. I also got a feel of how different sovereign, cultural, religious, and artistic organisations paint the global world scenery in both the US and Egypt. This experience inspired me to pursue a master’s degree in Energy Economics and Finance, where I wanted to get to learn more about economic terms and how the global economy is shaped in the energy domain from one side and pursuing policy-advocacy from another side. I am very passionate about humanitarian and environmental thematic.

26th November 2021

Marwa Abdalla Profile Photo

Marwa Abdalla – 2018 Gabr Fellow

I had a pleasant experience and it has been a great pleasure being part of the East-West Art of Dialogue Fellowship. I truly appreciate every moment of the programme in which I re-discovered my home country Egypt and the USA from different points of views, larger than my personal experiences, through various meetings, discussions, and visits. It was excellent experience to build networks and made possible contacts and connections with Egyptian and American experts that would not have been possible otherwise.

On the other hand, the Fellowship programme has widened horizons for productive collaborative work with my colleague Fellows. I also developed my friendship with some of them as they became like family members.

26th November 2021

The applications for the 2022 Gabr Fellowship are now closed.