The Foundations

The Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation for Social Development (Egypt)

The Mohamed Shafik Gabr Foundation in Egypt focuses on education (with over 17 primary schools sponsored by the Foundation and several initiatives involving support to the American University in Cairo, the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore and other educational programs), health (over 80,000 patients treated), anti-human trafficking, emergency aid, food, sports, culture and womens' issues. The Foundation is also launching the first free health and dental clinic in Mokattam this year.

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The Shafik Gabr Foundation (U.S.)

The Foundation's mission is to promote greater mutual understanding between the people of the Middle East, Europe and America by fostering dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Established in 2012 in response to the erosion of sympathy and understanding between the Arab world and the West, the Foundation sponsors exchanges between emerging and entrepreneurial leaders in the arts and sciences, law, entrepreneurship and media. The Gabr Fellows work jointly together to leverage their experience and launch projects that impact on their peers and communities. The Foundation works in partnership with other charitable organizations, corporations and individuals to renew and strengthen ties that have bound together Eastern and Western nations over many centuries. In the United States, the Foundation also supports epilepsy research, children with cerebral palsy, educational sponsorships and other special projects.