2014 Action Project – East-West Newspaper & Website


Michael Goff , Nancy Habib

The project consists of two parts:

  • Printed newspaper
  • Website magazine

The two parts will be geared to Americans and Egyptians and each one will complete the other. The online  will be more flexible for any updates. We can easily reach out to readers and create a sort of interaction with  them, through the website and the content of the newspaper will be published online too.


  • This is a tabloid Newspaper issued monthly, and published in 40 pages, divided into two parts: the first 20  pages in Arabic, and the second 20 pages in English.
  • The newspaper will consist of political, arts, and social interests, and contains investigations, interviews,  and articles, and will be distributed for free in the beginning, and rely on advertising at a later stage to make  profits.
  • The Website magazine has different interests. It will create a sort of interaction with the readers and  will cover any updates continuously.


The newspaper and the website will be geared primarily to the Egyptians and Americans, with the  largest segment of its target being youth.

Distribution of the newspaper:

As our target is youth, the places of distribution will be based on the universities, cafes, malls, clubs  and youth centers. The distribution of newspaper will not be limited to Cairo in Egypt, but aims to  access all the provinces, and thus will also focus on youth centers in regions of Egypt. The same  applies to all U.S. states, whether in universities or famous cafes such as Starbucks.


  • The Sections of the newspaper and website will be varied and changing, to serve the main goal and  reviewing the common challenges of the Egyptian and American societies. Both will be an attempt to  learn more about each community, and common characteristics.
  • The following are some ideas that can be addressed by the newspaper:
  •  Follow-up the successful experiences of Egyptians in America and Americans in Egypt, provide a  review of their work, and their experiences, publishing a mini interviews with these characters, and  how they adjust in a different society.
  •  The newspaper will review the main political issues in Egypt and USA.
  •  A review for the film with the highest revenues in Egypt, and the first movie in American box office.  - Investigate about a social problem, and compare between its state in Egypt and America, such as  sexual harassment.
  • The website will consist of different sections.
    • It will publish the content of the newspaper.
    • A part for the readers to interact
    • Covering different issues and any updates continuously.