2014 Fellow Nourhan Moussa visits the Foundation in Cairo upon return from conference with President El-Sisi

31 July 2017

Nourhan shared her experience at the conference with foundation members detailing the main themes of the conference and what is at the forefront agenda of the government. She says: “There were two main points about this conference: the simulation for the government exercise by the Presidential Leadership Program (PLP) candidates, where every candidate would represent a ministry and discuss the different strategies and policy recommendations to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of his/her ministry. The second item debated during the conference was the Sustainable Development Strategy for Egypt 2030 where Egypt’s economic reform was the first item on the government agenda.”

She added that in her own personal opinion, she believes that the two main issues that should be at the forefront agenda of the government for 2030 are economic reform and security.

To learn more about Egypt's National Youth Conference in Alexandria please watch this video: