2015 Gabr Fellowship launched

Information Statement 15

Launch of the third annual Gabr Fellowship Program

The Shafik Gabr Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of its third annual Gabr Fellowship, part of the East-West: The Art of Dialogue initiative.

East-West: The Art of Dialogue, initiative of the Shafik Gabr Foundation was launched in London, Washington, and New York in 2012. It has been established by the Shafik Gabr Foundation, and inspired by the traveller Orientalist painters. The pioneering, international, educational, and cultural program aims to enhance mutual understanding across cultural divides and cooperation among emerging leaders whose fields of expertise range across the board from art, media, law, science, social, and business entrepreneurship.

Now moving into its third year, the Foundation is looking to branch out and expand its reach to Bahrain, Ireland and Great Britain in addition to Egypt and the U.S.

After the completion of the exchange, the candidates are tasked to develop creative bridge building projects that leverage their exchange experience and reach out beyond their home communities to a wider public, including their peers, societies, and beyond.

The Shafik Gabr Foundation is committed to building bridges between the East and the West and fostering a dialogue among cultures globally.

The Gabr Fellowship is an initiative of the Shafik Gabr Foundation.

The Shafik Gabr Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of applications to the 2015 program. The application closure will be announced in early December. The 2015 program will take place in the second quarter of 2015 and details swill be announced in due course.