2017 Action Project – Gabr Fellows 360


Sarah Badr Hesham, Jack Gordon, Sherif Fathy Soliman, Hunter King

The Challenge

Following our trips to Egypt and the USA, the Gabr Fellows are eager to continue connecting with our new friends and learn more about each other’s everyday lives in the cities we visited. This project presents a guided neighborhood walking tour with our team, dynamically captured project presents a guided.

Project Overview

Our team of the American and Egyptian Fellows will create a 360 video (5-10 minutes total) in D.C. and Cairo/Alexandria. In the video we will feature visits to some of the Fellows’ favorite places around town (our homes, historic sites, cultural landmarks, etc). Along the way, we will reflect on our experiences during the Fellowship and discuss broader political and cultural issues affecting our city and neighborhoods. The video will (1) be a testament to the lasting power of the connection between Fellowship participants, (2) further the cross-cultural education for both Egyptian and American participants, and (3) present a unique, ground-level cultural level of the Fellowship.

The Goal

  • Create an exciting immersive video experience using innovative 360
  • Present a creative marketing product for the Gabr Fellowship
  • Encourage dialogue between people, not only governments
  • Highlight similarities between both Eastern and Western cultures
  • Utilize entertainment and culture as means of education and building bridges

Population Served

  • Young Americans and Egyptians who want to learn more about the Gabr Fellowship
  • Gabr Fellowship alumni network

Project Milestones

The project will have 3 phases:

Phase 1: Pre-production: Logistics planning and scene/discussion outline

Phase 2: Production: One week in D.C. and another week in Cairo/Alexandria

Phase 3: Post-production: Editing of all 360 videos and delivery to the Gabr Foundation’s website and social networks

Expected Outcome

  • Discussion between Gabr Fellow alumni network on the themes presented in the video
  • Increased traffic on the Gabr Foundation website and social networks
  • Increased interest in applying to future iterations of the Gabr Fellowship
  • Deeper understanding by viewers about both Eastern and Western cultures

Furthering the Foundation’s Mission

  • Through this project, we will contribute to the advancement of the Fellowship program and furthering the relationships between participants.
  • We will create a tangible marketing tool that can be used to promote the work and impact of the foundation online and through social media.
  • Broadly, we will be promoting peace and dialogue between East and West and also communication between people exchanging culture and ideas.