Gabr Fellows meet with Chairman Shafik Gabr at the Shafik Gabr Foundation in DC

18 May 2017

On Thursday, May 18th Mr Shafik Gabr hosted a roundtable discussion with Gabr Fellows in Washington, DC.

Alumni in attendance were global development specialists, state department staff, entrepreneurs, non-profit executives, department of defense desk officers, and Senate staff.

Present in the meeting were Sarah Elzeini and Gabr Fellows: Christina Fallon (’13), Haroun Habib (’13), Stephanie Cate (’14), Kemp Gouldin (’15), Katherine Tan (’16), Leisel Bogan (’16), Abby Wedienhaefer (’16), and John Ryan (’16).

The topics discussed were career news, US-Egypt bilateral relations, cyber security, and the launch of Kemp Gouldin’s action project “Because Baseball”. Read more here

The meeting closed with a discussion on the prospective Fellows Retreat which will require the involvement and input of all Gabr Fellows. The retreat will occur in 2018 and include Fellowship classes 2013 to the incoming 2017 class.

For any inquiry on the Gabr Fellows Retreat please contact Sarah Elzeini in the DC Office.