Gabr Fellows Meeting in Cairo – 19 June 2022

On Sunday 19 June 2022, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Shafik Gabr Foundation, M. Shafik Gabr, the Gabr Fellows met in Cairo at the ARTOC Headquarters.

After the introductory remarks made by the Chairman, each of the Fellows shared their latest news and achievements.

2017 Gabr Fellow Sarah Badr shared the news of being invited to talk at a number of conferences and events, including the UN’s International Organization for Migration event in Egypt, where she will share perspectives and solutions on how to engage in COP27.

2016 Gabr Fellow Youssef El Toukhy shared his news on being awarded the Al Qalaa scholarship for his upcoming MBA at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, where he is travelling this September.

2017 Gabr Fellow Dalia Younis shared an update on her various conference invitations, including the Creative Leadership Conference which is taking place online, and she is also travelling to Lebanon with members of her Klaxics choir as part of a scholarship she received.

2017 Gabr Fellow Sherif Soliman shared his new position in Nestlé and his change of career from engineering to supply chain.

2016 Gabr Fellow Yasser El Zahhar talked about his collaboration with Dubai-based RBNA where he is working on healthcare and IoT solutions and providing research on implementing the Smart City model.

2017 Gabr Fellow Amr Seda, discussed, among others, leading two new projects within the British University in Cairo - building a new sports facility and community center area and organizing a marathon for university students across Egypt led by the BUE that will take place in September under the theme of “Run for the Climate” in line with Egypt hosting COP-27 in November.

2015 Gabr Fellow Ahmed Radwan talked about his two plays which are currently running – his improvisation show as well as the Arabic adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting for Godot.

2014 Gabr Fellow Nourhan Moussa is still working with USAID as Senior Legal Specialist as well as providing business consultancy in legal tech.

Chairman M. Shafik Gabr then urged the Fellows to recommend potential candidates to apply for the 2022 Gabr Fellowship.

The Fellows then discussed being Ambassadors for interviewing the shortlisted 2022 Fellowship candidates, as well as preparing the selected upcoming Fellows for their Fellowship.

Finally, there was brief discussion on the Fellows reunion which is planned to take place in the first quarter of 2023.

The meeting concluded with a general discussion on the state of investment in Egypt, the obstacles being faced and future opportunities for Egyptian development.

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