Gabr Fellows Meeting in Cairo – 2 August 2022

On Tuesday 2nd of August, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Shafik Gabr Foundation, M. Shafik Gabr, the Gabr Fellows met in Cairo at the ARTOC Headquarters.

After the introductory remarks were made by the Chairman, each of the Fellows shared their latest news and achievements:

2016 Gabr Fellow Youssef El Toukhy shared his news of starting his MBA scholarship at Oxford in September.

2017 Gabr Fellow Sarah Badr declared that she got invited to Uganda by the IOM Office in Addis Ababa and participated in the 3rd APRM as a panelist in “Leveraging Mobility for Youth Development in Africa”, in addition to getting accepted in Kavala Greece University for a summer school workshop.

2015 Gabr Fellow Ahmed Radwan shared the news of taking third place at the Actors Carnival in Cairo.

2014 Gabr Fellow Shehab Farouk talked about his cooperation with the Saudi Center for Commercial Attribution to design and draft a training program in arbitration, in addition to joining the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for a three-month program as a lecturer.

2018 Gabr Fellow Soad Hossam announced joining Young ICCA as a group advisor.

2018 Gabr Fellow Ahmed Mostafa succeeded in completing a training course in illicit trade and open source intelligence with UNICRI and the University of Groningen. In addition to currently working for the National Center for Middle East Studies.

2018 Gabr Fellow Shady Saleh announced completing his MBA at the AUC in Comparative Politics, in addition to getting selected to participate at the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference in Rabat as a presenter.

2016 Gabr Fellow Mohamed Attar is currently operating his agency Atria Travel in UAE and Egypt, and has been awarded by ENI CBC for his efforts in developing new touristic activities and penetrating unusual destinations and ventures. As well as being invited by Crete University as a presenter.

2017 Gabr Fellow Menna Farouk was selected by the Swedish Institute to attend a leadership program called “She Entrepreneurs” in Stockholm. In addition to starting her MBA at the AUC this fall.

2015 Gabr Fellow Basma Fahim was able to secure a new position with Nouvartis’ Sondoz in the Compliance Division.

2014 Gabr Fellow Nourhan Moussa’s firm has been able to penetrate the African market, and is currently a senior legal specialist at USAID and a consultant with IDSC.

2017 Gabr Fellow Sherif Soliman is still working for Nestle in the Supply Chain Division.

2017 Gabr Fellow Ibrahim Hammouda shared his news of being accepted in Kavala Greece University for a summer school workshop.

Chairman M. Shafik Gabr then urged the Fellows to recommend potential candidates to apply for the 2022 Gabr Fellowship and praised the current Fellows for their career and life achievements.

The meeting concluded with a general discussion on cyber security and false news, especially on social networking sites and the Internet; as well as ways to increase foreign investment in Egypt, and the best ways to build a strong community of Fellows to contribute to Egypt’s positive evolution.


  • Support Ahmed El Toukhy with his Oxford MBA expenses.
  • Appreciation for Shehab Farouk for his thorough presentation about Oman to the Fellows.
  • Support for Sarah Badr and Ibrahim Hammouda to join ACT in Greece during their summer course at Kavala Greece University.
  • Support Ahmed Radwan with AUC President Ahmed Ramadan to use the Malak Gabr Theatre at the AUC.

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